Chapter 7: Human Population Growth
Chapter Quiz

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1 .       The natural rate of population change is _______. 


2 .       The maximum population size that a given environment can sustain is the _______.  


3 .       What are the three interacting factors used to represent the total impact of human populations on the environment?  


4 .       What factors determine whether a population of humans grows, shrinks, or remains stable?  


5 .       The application of population ecology principles to the study of statistical change in human populations is the focus of _______. 


6 .       TFR drops have been most noticeable in countries where women have gained access to _______.  


7 .       The cornucopian view held by many economists suggests that _______. 


8 .       The sex ratio in China _______.  


9 .       The United Nations conference that was held to discuss population and development and specifically improve the treatment of women was the _______. 


10 .       The size of the human population will begin to shrink, in the absence of immigration, when the TFR drops below what minimum number? 


11 .       The relationship between population growth rate and per capita national income _______. 


12 .       How is China's policy on population control enforced?  


13 .       How does human population growth differ in terms of carrying capacity from that of other organisms in natural ecosystems?  


14 .       What does the S term represent in the model used to evaluate the total impact of human populations on the environment?  


15 .       What is a demographic transition?  


16 .       What are the four stages of the demographic transition?  


17 .       The cumulative amount of land and water required to provide the raw materials a person or population consumes and to dispose of or recycle the waste that is produced is called the _______. 


18 .       Why are diseases such as AIDS, which reduce population density, undermining the ability of developing countries to make the transition to modern technologies?  


19 .       The impact of a given population depends on _______. 


20 .       The term exponential growth refers to population growth that _______. 


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