Chapter 3: Environmental Policy: Decision Making and Problem Solving
Chapter Quiz

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1 .       What were the initial laws that gave the federal government the right to manage western lands? 


2 .       Tort law addresses _______. 


3 .       Why is the takings clause cited in arguments against environmental regulations that restrict the use of private property?  


4 .       Which decision set a legal precedent that if pollution control is more expensive than the damage pollution causes, the pollution can continue.  


5 .       Marketable emission permits _______.  


6 .       A watershed is _______. 


7 .       The publication of which book was noted as one of the landmark events of the third wave of environmental policy? 


8 .       The maquiladoras on the Mexican side of the border _______. 


9 .       The book Silent Spring _______. 


10 .       The role of an administrative agency is that of _______.  


11 .       The movement of powerful officials between the private sector and government agencies is _______. 


12 .       The act that provided free land to promote mining and settlement _______. 


13 .       The federal government can deprive the owner of most of the economic value of his property without taking possession. This is described as _______.  


14 .       The president can issue specific legal instructions for government agencies called _______. 


15 .       Resistance to environmental policy results because _______. 


16 .       A government giveaway of publicly owned resources, or cash, or a tax break to encourage a particular activity is _______. 


17 .       What steps are involved in developing environmental policy?  


18 .       The superior approach to environmental policy for controlling pollution is _______. 


19 .       The first major era of environmental policy _______.  


20 .       Conventional law _______. 


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