Chapter 1: Introduction: Biology Today
Activity Quiz
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1 .       An organ, such as the liver, is composed of _____. (Activity 1A) [Hint]


2 .       Which of these is an organ system? (Activity 1A) [Hint]


3 .       Animals are composed of _____. (Activity 1A) [Hint]


4 .       Where do plants get the energy to make organic molecules? (Activity 1B) 


5 .       Which of these is NOT an organic molecule? (Activity 1B) 


6 .       Where do plants get the carbon they use to make organic molecules? (Activity 1B) 


7 .       DNA is composed of building blocks called _____. (Activity 1C) [Hint]


8 .       In eukaryotic cells, DNA has the appearance of a _____. (Activity 1C) 


9 .       Prokaryotic cells are found in the domain(s) _____. (Activity 1D) [Hint]


10 .       In the five-kingdom system, prokaryotes are placed in the kingdom _____. (Activity 1D) [Hint]


11 .       The Galápagos Islands are cooled by the _____. (Activity 1E) 


12 .       How many finch species did Darwin send to the British Museum? (Activity 1E) 


13 .       In animal populations, DDT causes _____. (Activity 1H) 


14 .       DDT is _____-soluble so it accumulates in _____. (Activity 1H) 


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