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Key Concepts Quiz

This activity contains 20 questions.

Question 1
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How are adaptations beneficial to organisms?
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Question 2
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Why was Darwin's acceptance of an ancient, continuously changing Earth so important in his development of his ideas about evolution?
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Question 3
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In artificial selection, humans provide the selective pressure for species to change and shape the evolution of various breeds. What provides the selective pressure in natural selection?
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Question 4
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Sometimes critics charge that evolution is based on mere speculation because it cannot be directly observed or experimentally induced. Is this true of evolution by natural selection?
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Question 5
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Which statement reflects a possible weakness of the fossil record?
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Question 6
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Which of the following is true of homologous structures?
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Question 7
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Which option best describes the concept of an evolutionary tree diagram?
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Question 8
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Of the scenarios below, which represents the occurrence of evolution at its smallest scale?
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Question 9
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Consider a hypothetical insect population of 100 individuals. Two equally represented alleles (A and a) exist for a particular gene. Which scenario is an example of microevolution in this population?
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Question 10
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Which choice contributes the most to genetic variation among individuals in most prokaryote species?
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Question 11
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Which condition would disturb the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and cause the gene pool to change?
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Question 12
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The frequency of a particular lethal recessive allele in a population is 0.02. Given this information, calculate the percentage of individuals who are carriers of the lethal recessive allele.
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Question 13
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Genetic drift is _____.
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Question 14
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The Illinois populations of the greater prairie chicken benefited when managers brought in prairie chickens from other populations. This restored genetic variation to the Illinois populations through the process of _____.
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Question 15
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Which person has the highest evolutionary fitness?
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Question 16
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This figure is an example of _____ because it shows _____.

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Question 17
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What usually occurs during intersexual selection?
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Question 18
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Which example below presents a misconception about how antibiotic resistance develops?
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Question 19
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Which genotype relative to the sickle-cell allele has the greatest reproductive success in regions where malaria is a common disease?
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Question 20
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In the normal course of evolution and adaptation, what is the most likely way for wings to develop in a tetrapod (four-limbed organism)?
End of Question 20

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