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Key Concepts Quiz

This activity contains 22 questions.

Question 1
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Lac operon regulatory genes are _____.
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Question 2
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A mistake during DNA replication prevents the trp repressor from binding to the operon operator. When these cells are placed in a solution containing chicken broth, what happens?
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Question 3
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What controls the way in which a zygote differentiates?
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Question 4
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When are DNA molecules the least tightly coiled?
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Question 5
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Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia is an X-linked disorder that results in the absence of sweat glands. How would this condition be manifested in a heterozygous female?
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Question 6
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In eukaryotic cells, several proteins are involved in the process of transcription. This process involves enhancers that are _____.
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Question 7
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Alternative RNA splicing has revealed inaccuracies in the one gene–one polypeptide hypothesis. Why?
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Question 8
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MicroRNA (miRNA) controls _____.
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Question 9
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Microtubules in the cytoplasm of the cell are composed of two protein subunits, α-tubulin and β-tubulin. Addition of colchicine to the cells results in the disassembly of the microtubules and consequently an increase in the concentration of tubulin subunits. Based on your knowledge of translational regulation, what changes in protein production would occur?
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Question 10
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A similar protein is found in both a bacterial cell and a single-celled eukaryote. However, the prokaryote seems to produce a much higher amount of the protein. A detailed investigation of the control mechanisms of this protein in both organisms would include which of the following experiments?
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Question 11
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In embryonic mice, a homeotic gene controls development of the neck, which includes the larynx and thymus. If this gene were deleted, a full-term mouse would show _____.
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Question 12
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A researcher performs a DNA microarray but forgets to add the enzyme reverse transcriptase. This is important because the enzyme makes _____ from a(n) _____ template.
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Question 13
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In eukaryotic cells, signal transduction pathways involve _____.
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Question 14
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Steward's experiment with carrot cells revealed that _____.
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Question 15
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Using nuclear transplantation, it is possible to generate _____ for therapeutic uses.
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Question 16
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Since the first animal was produced using a fully differentiated cell, a number of observations have been made. Which of the following statements is true in regard to reproductive cloning?
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Question 17
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Stem cells could be immensely important in the treatment of which of the following conditions?
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Question 18
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Proto-oncogenes have the potential to become oncogenes. Which of the following is most likely to lead to cancer?
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Question 19
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The Rb protein prevents mitosis by inhibiting cells from entering S phase. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is thought to inhibit the action of the Rb protein in cervical epithelial cells. What would be the effect of cervical cells being infected with HPV?
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Question 20
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Colonoscopy is the examination of the large colon. It allows for visual diagnosis of ulcers and polyps, which may lead to colon cancer. A polyp _____.
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Question 21
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A mutation in the ras gene can _____.
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Question 22
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Which of the following cell types would most likely have a high rate of error in DNA replication and consequently a rapid mutation rate?
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