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Question 1
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Which of the following are photoautotrophs?
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Question 2
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Chlorophyll is found in the _____ of chloroplasts.
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Question 3
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Hydrogen is a leading candidate in the search for a petroleum replacement. However, the hydrogen-generating reaction requires more energy than it produces. Why are plants considered to be one step ahead in the utilization of hydrogen as an alternative fuel source?
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Question 4
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Which of the following statements about photosynthesis is true in regard to the reduction of CO2 to sugar?
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Question 5
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The light reactions of photosynthesis include _____.
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Question 6
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The conversion of NADP+ to NADPH occurs with the assistance of _____.
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Question 7
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Which of the following colors of light are useful during the process of photosynthesis?
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Question 8
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The primary function of light absorption by photosystems I and II is to produce _____.
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Question 9
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Which statement regarding the light reactions is true?
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Question 10
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Oxygen is to cellular respiration as _____ is to photosynthesis.
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Question 11
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In simple summary form, the input of the Calvin cycle for every product is _____, and the output is _____ used for glucose synthesis.
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Question 12
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How many turns of the Calvin cycle are required to produce one molecule of glucose?
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Question 13
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The process of photosynthesis arose roughly two billion years ago. Its origin had a huge impact on existing organisms and on the physical characteristics of the biosphere. Which major physical change could be attributed to photosynthesis?
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Question 14
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What is the role of photorespiration in plants?
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Question 15
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CAM plants have adapted to arid environments by closing their stomata during the day. However, photosynthesis still occurs. This is because _____.
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Question 16
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A large research project was recently carried out in the oceans surrounding Antarctica to learn whether adding iron-containing compounds to the iron-limited polar sea would enhance the growth of phytoplankton (small, free-floating photosynthetic organisms). This project was performed with the hope that if plankton growth were significantly increased over large areas, it might slow global warming. What is the basis for such an expectation?
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Question 17
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Which gas contributes to both global warming and the deterioration of the ozone layer?
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