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Question 1
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Which of the following statements about carbon skeletons is true?
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Question 2
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What does the term amino acid signify about the structure of the molecule?
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Question 3
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Dehydration reactions _____. They do so by _____.
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Question 4
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The reaction that joins two monomers to form a polymer is known as a _____ reaction. The molecule of water formed is due to the interaction between _____ and a hydrogen ion.
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Question 5
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A molecule with the formula C6H12O6 is _____.
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Question 6
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A polysaccharide called starch consists entirely of glucose molecules. During early stages of starch digestion, starch would be broken down into _____.
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Question 7
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Which of the following would bind to a sweet receptor most tightly?
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Question 8
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Which of the following foods would contain the most starch?
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Question 9
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Which of the following foods contain(s) fats that would have at least one double bond in their carbon skeleton?
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Question 10
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The oil and vinegar in your salad dressing remain separate from one another due to the _____ properties of the oil.
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Question 11
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What do phospholipids and cholesterol have in common?
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Question 12
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Anabolic steroids are prescribed to _____.
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Question 13
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When calorie intake is low, proteins are the last resource the body uses for fuel. Which statement below gives the best reason for this?
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Question 14
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Which of the following amino acids is hydrophobic?

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Question 15
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Which condition is irrelevant, to some extent, to the maintenance of protein structure in your body?
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Question 16
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Which statement correctly describes bonds of the secondary structure of proteins?
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Question 17
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Linus Pauling made significant contributions to our understanding of enzyme structure and chemical bonding. However, his theory regarding DNA was wrong because he proposed that _____.
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Question 18
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When an RNA strand forms using DNA as a template, _____.
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Question 19
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DNA nucleotides are composed of _____.
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