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Grammar Writing Research

Grammar Diagnostics

Take one of our two comprehensive 50-question diagnostics to evaluate your current command of skills in sentence grammar, basic grammar, punctuation and mechanics, and sentence style. In addition to the comprehensive diagnostics on the site, there are individual targeted assessments for: Sentence Grammar, Basic Grammar, Usage and Style, and Punctuation and Mechanics.


Use your diagnostic results to point you to practice in particular areas or simply go to ExerciseZone and pick an area yourself. ExerciseZone includes thousands of practice items organized into 10-question or 20-question practice sets on over 50 topics.

ESL ExerciseZone

If English is not your first language, or if you grew up speaking English among other languages, you may want to visit our ExerciseZone for English language learners, almost 1000 entries, organized into 10-question practice sets, targeted at areas most troublesome for speakers of multiple languages.

Grammar Video Tutorials

Interactive videos and animations that explore common issues in grammar.

Web Links

This annotated list of valuable Web resources about grammar and writing will take you to outstanding writing guides, grammar resources, sites with additional quizzes and exercises, usage and style guides, lists of common errors, ESL resources, and more.

Longman Online Handbook

Key explanations of 50 of the most-common problem areas in grammar, mechanics, and usage.

Exchange and Peer Review Help

A helpful guide for the peer review process. This section features real student video discussing successful review strategies and step-by-step instructions on using Exchange for your Peer Review assignments.

Writing Process Exercises

The Process section allows you to work in depth with each step of the writing process. You may choose to work on one specific step in the writing process, such as drafting, or you may choose to work through a series of "guided" exercises that walk you from one step of the writing process to the next, allowing you to bring a writing project to completion.

Writing Activities

The Activities section provides you with 80 different writing exercises in which you respond to videos, images, Web sites, or textual prompts. These exercises parallel the kinds of writing and critical thinking you'll do in college. Practice your academic writing skills, discover ideas for class essays, or sharpen your awareness of the world and your ability to reflect on your own experiences.

Writing Video Tutorials

Interactive videos and animations that explore common issues in writing.

Model Documents

Get a head start on your writing by reviewing model documents that demonstrate the writing process, writing in the disciplines, and writing in both academic and professional settings.

Analyzing Visuals

Learn the process of analyzing different kinds of visual texts, including advertisements, Web sites, photographs, fine art, cartoons, and informational graphics.

Web Links

The links to the best sites on the Web to help you with English Composition.

Student Bookshelf

Link to additional supplements including a Guide to Visual Communications, and the Literacy Series.

Citation Diagnostics and Exercises

Offering content for both MLA and APA styles, this section features diagnostic assessments and follow-up, self-grading practice exercises that focus on citations for books, periodicals and electronic resources.

Research Navigator

Access the NY Times archives, as well as online research tools and thousands of print journals.

Research Video Tutorials

Interactive videos and animations that explore common issues in research.

Evaluating Sources

This interactive tutorial with exercises will help students master the challenging skills of using and evaluating online sources.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Explore issues of plagiarism, take self-scoring tests, and view sample papers, to learn ways of avoiding plagiarism.

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