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1. Water: A Vital Resource

All water on Earth is constantly recycled, repurified, and reused. How does the hydrologic cycle inform us on how recycling and repurification occur?

2. Hydrologic Cycle: Natural Cycle, Human Impacts

Humans have three major impacts on the hydrologic cycle. What are they, and what are their effects?

All of the water humans use must come out of the hydrologic cycle. What are the major uses, points of withdrawal, limitations, and consequences of overdrawing water?

3. Water: A Resource to Manage, a Threat to Control

Historically, humans have addressed water problems by obtaining more water. To what degree is this not a viable option for the future?

Humans can reduce their water demands in numerous ways. How can demands be reduced in agriculture, industry, and domestic use?

Urbanization seals surfaces with pavement, increasing runoff of storm water and associated pollutants on the land surface. Discuss the problems caused by paving over soil. How should these concepts influence development?

4. Water Stewardship: Public Policy Challenges

There is potential for all parties to get together to work out compromises for water usage between agriculture, cities, and natural ecosystems. What are some policy options that would encourage this process?


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