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Writing a Short/Informal Report

Unlike formal reports, informal reports are usually written to a single individual or small group. They analyze problems, evaluate products and services, assess the feasibility of projects, preserve a written record of events or meetings, update colleagues on the progress of your work, and so on. Whatever their purpose, these informal reports tend to focus on one subject and use company memo templates; they are also fact-oriented, objective, and straightforward.

A report is any document that offers specific information in response to a situation, request, or problem. Reports, which typically provide either description or analysis, are one of the most common forms of business writing. Almost all employees are asked at some point to write one or more of the following kinds of reports:

The typical pattern for a report is problem/solution or context/recommendation. Sometimes, however, as in the case of meeting minutes or travel reports, a report is simply a description of what happened. Reports vary in length from a single page (or computer screen) to tens or even hundreds of pages. Longer reports are often divided into sections written for different audiences: an executive summary for the decision makers, an analysis for engineers, a product descriptions for marketers, and so on.

Quick Reminders for Writing Reports

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